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Taber Industries consists of three unique product lines and is recognized as a global leader for the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable test instruments. Used to evaluate the physical properties of materials, Taber instruments play a critical role in the way companies test the durability of their products. Best known for our expertise in abrasion and surface wear, Taber also offers solutions to measure resistance to scratch, mar and scuff damage; along with bending resiliency and stiffness.


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  • “Niagara’s WorkSourceOne One Stop Center, is a key partner in our region’s economic development efforts. During a 40% drop in our industry, we were able to grow, and added 6 new employees. Without the training, we would have never been able to accomplish this within a one year period. Without this grant we would not have been so aggressive in our training, and that would have a direct impact on our growth.”

    Rob Albert President of Impressive Imprints
  • “As a small shop it is hard for me to hire someone without the knowledge to be an immediate benefit to me, but training money like On-the-Job Training helps me bring on someone with little or no machining knowledge and train them in a new career path. I’ve used the program in the past and it worked out very well”.

    Ken Moore President of Dern Moore Machine Co., Inc.
  • "The Niagara's WorkSourceOne has been a wonderful experience for our company. Not only did this program enable us to hire a person not totally qualified for a position, but we also received information....about all the different services available to our company. As a small business owner I highly recommend this program/agency."

    Deb BotaCo-Owner of Bota Welding, LLC
  • "The on-the-job training was a great program to help offset the cost to hire and train a new employee. Marilyn and Bonnie made the entire process smooth and easy....I greatly recommend this program for anyone that needs to hire and train new employees."

    Melanie BreamHR and Accounting Administrator at Chameleon Color Cards
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