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Job ID:    NY1216353

Title:    Farmworkers and Laborers

Company:    Lakeside Orchards Inc

Type:    FT, Seasonal

Wages:    $12.38 - $12.38 Hourly

Contact Name:    Ingersoll, Douglas

Web Site:

Contact Email:    

Contact Phone:     (716) 778-7631

Mail Resumes to:
Ingersoll, Douglas

5796 Wilson-Burt Road
Burt, NY 14028


32 Fulltime Seasonal H-2A jobs available 8/25/17-11/22/17.

During the anticipated period of employment, the primary activity on this farm will be the hand harvest of apples. Workers will drive and operate farm machinery to plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest of apples. Removes excess growth from trees to improve fruit quality using pruning saws and clippers.
Drive tractors to transport materials, supplies or product. Thin blossoms or immature fruit to obtain better quality fruit. Other harvesting fruit or other job duties, if required.

Will also perform any combination of tasks involved in planting, cultivating, and harvesting fruits such as tilling soil, planting stock, pruning trees and bushes, removing suckers and runners from trees, vines, and plants. Other duties include laying out irrigation pipe and installing sprinklers, assisting in repairing fences, unloading trucks, clearing fields, burning brush, hand thinning fruit, and smudging.


* Required to have three months experience in all duties outlined in this job order.
* Employer will train
* Exposure to extreme temperatures, extensive pushing or pulling, and extensive walking.
* Lifting requirement of 42 lbs.

Entire job duty description (ETA 790 and Spanish translation) should be reviewed and provided to qualified applicants from NYSDOL website at