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Job ID:    NY1221830

Title:    Nurses Aides

Company:    Sisters of St. Francis - Stella Niagara

Type:    FT

Wages:    $9.70 Hourly

Contact Name:    Morgan, Sherri

Web Site:

Contact Email:    

Contact Phone:     (716) 754-4311 ext. 9150

Mail Resumes to:
Morgan, Sherri

4421 Lower River Rd
Stella Niagara, NY 14144


Stella Niagara. Sisters of St. Francis. Nurses Assistants - CNA not required) FT & PT Available.

Nurses Aides/Assistants (CNA not required) for geriatric care. Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds on a regular basis, and walk or stand on feet for eight hours. Must be able to perform bending, stooping, and reaching above shoulder level. Uses good body mechanics.

The Nursing Aide/Assistant performs the direct care for the Sister patients under the direction of the professional nursing staff. This position requires the ability to organize work, establish priorities, manage time effectively, and perform tasks accurately, neatly, and thoroughly. You will be in frequent, close contact with the Sisters and have the opportunity to talk with them and assist them in many ways.

Physical Care of the Sisters:
* Performs or assists Sisters in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) including bathing, dressing, grooming, oral care, personal hygiene, toileting, nail, foot, and skin care.
* Positions, transports, and transfers Sisters according to accepted facility procedures.
* Assists with meal service and nutritional supplements including serving, feeding, and passing food trays. Maintains special diets.
* Provides adequate fluids and nourishment throughout the shift and records same.
* Provides specialized care for patients within the guidelines established by the Nurse Administrator and Nurse Manager.
* Approaches Sisters with kindness, dignity, and respect, reassuring them when rendering care.

Observation and Reporting:
* Takes and records vital signs including temperature, pulse, and respiration (TPR) and weights.
* Monitors bowel movements and records the same.
* Measures and records intake and output.
* Observes and promptly reports changes in the condition, behavior, and any unusual occurrence in a patient.
* Reviews new and necessary information with the Charge Nurse.

* Is gently positive when encouraging patients to do as much for themselves as possible.
* Assists in carrying out rehabilitative procedures using recognized guidelines. These include range of motion, walking, turning and positioning, bowel and bladder training, use of assistive devices, feeding, and resumption of ability to do ADLs.
* Works with and assists the physical therapist when needed.

Equipment and Personal Items:
* Makes and changes beds. Thoroughly cleans beds twice a year and when a patient leaves.
* Keeps Sisters' rooms and belongings neat and orderly.
* Cleans and disinfects equipment as indicated by Charge Nurse.
* Uses supplies correctly and advises Charge Nurse when to re-order.
* Restocks patients' rooms as needed.
* Cleans and disinfects commodes and wheelchairs as needed.
* Handles specialized equipment correctly.

* Answers call lights promptly and respectfully.
* Safely transports patients.
* Attends in-services and staff meetings.
* Follows and assists with emergency procedures; knows fire safety procedure.
* Is alert to safety hazards and takes appropriate action.
* Checks work schedules and assignments daily.
* Reviews Employee Policy Manual.
* Maintains personal appearance including appropriate dress and personal hygiene, absence of jewelry and perfume.
* Makes short rounds with Nursing Assistants of next shift, informing them of problems or concerns of a Sister.

Education, Skills, and Abilities Required:
* Ability to approach people in a positive, cooperative manner. Demonstrates a positive attitude.
* Ability to recognize the needs of others and be respectful and courteous.
* Ability to maintain good working relationships with others.
* Ability to learn new skills. Good listening and comprehension skills.
* Understanding and interest in geriatrics.
* Understanding of basic techniques of cleanliness.

To apply, contact:
Sherri Morgan
Director of Personnel
4421 Lower River Road
Stella Niagara, NY 14144
Fax: 866-543-0567
Phone: 716-754-4311 X9150#

Or apply in person at same.