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Job ID:    NY1228114

Title:    Production

Company:    Washington Mills

Type:    FT

Wages:    $15.76 Hourly

Contact Name:    Hess, Andrea C.

Web Site:

Contact Email:    

Contact Phone:    

Mail Resumes to:
Hess, Andrea C.

PO Box 423
Niagara Falls, NY 14302


Niagara Falls. Washington Mills. Production - Service Pack Ship. FT. 40 Hours/ week. Benefits.

Washington Mills is one of the largest producers of high quality abrasives and fused mineral products in the world. It has facilities throughout the U.S. and Europe and serves a global customer base. Its principal business is the fusing of oxide and carbide minerals in electric arc and Acheson furnaces, as well as the grinding and classifying of the minerals into grains and powders. Established in 1868, Washington Mills continues a long history of excellence in supplying raw materials to the abrasive, refractory, ceramic and industrial abrasive markets.

The job will work directly with and report to the company's Production Foreman. The Production employee performs service work for all elements of manufacturing and shipping including: general and sanitary cleaning, repairing screens (and related equipment), emptying, collecting, and packing of dust collector fines, bagging and/or drumming of grain, and movement of supplies and material. The position requires a team-oriented attitude, as well as the ability to take instruction and perform related tasks.

* Packs and ships abrasive grain
* Moves material from storage areas back to manufacturing areas as required
* Warehouses abrasive grain
* Cleans hoppers and bin heads before dumping grain
* Blends grains as required
* Performs basic quality control tests a required
* Fills Hoppers and delivers to manufacturing area
* Sets up storage bins as required
* Locates and sets up portable sifter to meet standards for product being re-run
* Moves supplies and materials as directed

Fills hoppers from storage bins and delivers to manufacturing area
Fills container (Bags, drums, or cans) with grain and/or prepares containers for shipment using the correct labels, hand stamps, tags, or stencils
Transports containers of grain from hold area to bin room
Weighs container of grain and dumps into specified bins
Blends material
Maintains hopper/bin utilization to a maximum
Fills hoppers from storage bins and delivers to manufacturing area
Blends material
Maintains hopper/bin utilization to a maximum
Fills hoppers from storage bins and delivers to manufacturing area
Sets up sieve and runs rejected bin through screen into hopper
Glues loads together as required
Braces, Blocks, or straps containers in carriers as prescribed
Maintain a stock of supplies a various work stations
Operates Vortisieve
Vibrates kegs and drum to fill completely
Uses portable dust collector when filling containers; assembles, fills, and straps corrugated boxes of grain
Works according to established schedule or verbal orders
Weighs containers of grain and maintains record of same
Fills initial quality control sample envelope; rod sample
Performs mixed grit and density tests as required as well as SPC charting
Operates power jitney as necessary to transport
Changes, charges, and performs basic preventive maintenance on electric truck batteries.

Performs other duties as directed by supervision.

* High School Diploma or equivalent
* Will train on duties
* Must be able to pass necessary physical and drug testing

* Position will be hourly at current union contractual rate with overtime benefits
* Benefits currently include: medical, dental, 401(k), life/AD&D insurance, flex spending, short-term disability, 12 holidays and vacation time
* Safety shoes and safety glasses reimbursement
* Safety incentives

To apply, forward cover letter and resume to:
Washington Mills
HR Department
PO Box 423
Niagara Falls, NY 14302