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Job ID:    NY1232805

Title:    School Bus Driver

Company:    North Tonawanda City School District

Type:    FT

Wages:    $15.39 - $16.45 Hourly

Contact Name:    Witt, Tom

Web Site:

Contact Email:    

Contact Phone:     (716) 807-3875

Mail Resumes to:
Witt, Tom


North Tonawanda. City School District. Bus Driver. M-F. 30 Hours/week. Benefits.

The North Tonawanda City School District is seeking full-time Bus Drivers to drive full-size conventional school buses.


Home to School runs and athletic trips. Working w/all school-age children including young adults eith special Needs. Must be able to pass a physical performance test, which includes dragging 125 lbs. twenty feet.

All applicants subject to Drug Screening, Criminal Background and Reference Check, as well as a Medical Exam.

To apply, contact Tom Witt, Head Bus Driver, at 716-807-3875.