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Job ID:    NY1256438

Title:    Research and Development Technician

Company:    Washington Mills

Type:    FT

Wages:    Starting pay not specified

Contact Name:    Hess, Andrea C.

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Hess, Andrea C.


Niagara Falls. Washington Mills. Research and Development Technician. FT. M-F. Benefits

Job Description
The job of the Research & Development Technician is to perform a wide variety of material production tasks, material testing and data collection and analysis functions. The daily tasks are performed in order to serve the objectives of: improving existing products or processes, solving material or process challenges, and developing new products or processes. The Research and Development Technician will be operating a wide assortment of specialized equipment to produce products and will be required to pay very close attention to detail and quality. The job requires safe, careful operation of process equipment, execution of specific in-process control tests and extensive data collection and recording to ensure product and process conformance with exacting specifications.

Essential Functions

The job entails the following manual work on electric arc furnaces: setting up experimental electric arc furnaces, making mixes, operating the furnace, removing the furnaced product, and taking furnace samples for analysis. The Technician will be expected to provide input regarding scale-up parameters for production scale fusion and processing.

The Technician will be required to operate and become familiar with the attributes and mechanical function of a wide variety of size reduction equipment, particle size screening equipment, classification, magnetic separation, post treatment options and other specialized equipment and processing techniques. In addition to performing the processing functions, the Technician must also analyze the body of result data and draw conclusions for discussion as well as extrapolate or interpolate data from several tests in order to anticipate the next steps toward a stated goal.

All products made will need to be tested using a variety of particle size and shape testing equipment and methods including Microtrac, Coulter Counter, density, magnetics, shape, chemistry and other equipment. The candidate must understand, interpret and communicate test results. A good knowledge of equipment calibration and the mechanical workings of the testing equipment is also required. Test methods for all testing equipment must be studied, understood and strictly followed. ASTM test methods must be followed to ensure repeatability of testing outcomes. Critical thinking of test results is required.

Record Keeping
Accurate and detailed record keeping of all work performed is an essential function of the job.

The job requires close and continual communication with engineers, maintenance, production, customer service and sales. Instructions must be carefully followed and attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

An excellent understanding of and respect for safety rules is required. Excellent housekeeping skills are also required.

Almost all the work in this position will be considered company or customer confidential information. The Technician will be required to keep Research & Development work entirely confidential as instructed.

Required Skills
* Ability to study and commit to memory ASTM guidelines and ANSI and FEPA grading guidelines
* Required experience includes an Associate Degree in a technical or related curriculum with knowledge of chemistry/minerals
* Good mechanical abilities
* Ability to operate heat treat equipment and other related equipment
* Execute work instructions with the maximum amount of accuracy
* Ability to work on multiple projects and balance workload to meet deadlines
* Good writing skills and proficient in Word and Excel

If interested, please send resume to: Washington Mills Electro Minerals Corp., HR Department, PO Box 423, Niagara Falls, NY 14302 or email to