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Job ID:    NY1264645

Title:    Computer Cutting Table Operator

Company:    Commercial Fabrics Inc

Type:    FT

Wages:    $11.40 Hourly

Contact Name:    Senecal, Jim

Web Site:

Contact Email:    

Contact Phone:    

Mail Resumes to:
Senecal, Jim


North Tonawanda. Commercial Fabrics. Computer Cutting Table Operator. FT. M-F. 40 Hours/week.

Job Description:
* Use a computer cutting machine to cut vinyl and other materials. 
* Must have good computer knowledge and be excellent with measurements and dimensions. 
* Must be accurate, reliable and detail oriented. 
* Must be able to lift 70 lb. rolls onto a rack. 
* Must be able to be on their feet for an entire shift. 
* Reading and writing skills must be very good.

To apply, forward cover letter and resume to:
Fax: 716-694-3803