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Job ID:    NY1281823

Title:    Maintenance

Company:    Hampton Inn

Type:    FT

Wages:    $11.50 Hourly

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Lockport. Hampton Inn. Maintenance. FT. 40 Hours/week. M-F. 1st Shift (on call after hours).

Repair, refurbishment, renovation, remodeling and general upkeep in order to keep the facility functional and attractive to prospective customers.
 * Completes assigned work orders for general repair within assigned time frame in order to achieve the utmost operational efficiency of the hotel and its equipment.
 * Performs systematic checks and inspections to aid in the upkeep of the hotel and assists in the established proactive maintenance program in order to prevent malfunctions, breakdowns and general depreciation.
 * Immediately and courteously responds to guests needs in order to repair and/or resolve room maintenance requests and problems as they arise.
 * Maintains tools, work spaces and equipment in safe, secure and good condition in order to reduce accidents and to prolong their use.
 * Adjusts and repairs electronic problems on hotel equipment, including televisions.
 * Assists department in maintaining safety equipment and emergency procedures for the safety of all guests and employees.
 * Maintains a friendly, cheerful and courteous manner at all times.
 * All other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management.

 * Removes snow and scoops sidewalks and driveways as weather dictates for safety of guests.
 * Contacts, by telephone or written correspondence, electrical, plumbing and elevator contractors for repair/maintenance of hotel and its equipment.
 * Runs errands as needed, driving own , in order to drop off and pick up supplies, equipment and furnishings.
 * Provides assistance to other employees and departments to contribute to the best overall performance of the department and hotel.


Must have basic working knowledge in the following areas:
 * general plumbing refrigeration air conditioning
 * electrical systems boilers bathroom fixtures and tiling
 * painting - prep to finish basic carpentry groundskeeping

 * Must have vision to read written communiques, LED read-outs, meters, and computer screens.
 * Must have finger, hand and upper body dexterity to pull levers and rotate knobs, work with arms raised above head and to handle and assemble small parts using basic hand and power tools.
 * Must have upper body strength to lift 75lbs. throughout an 8 hour shift.

 * Must be able to understand and follow verbal/written instructions, communicate both verbally and in writing, utilize analytical thought processes, understand verbal/written technical and mechanical instruction, and be highly organized.
 * Must have ability to communicate effectively and courteously with employees, guests and contractors in writing, via telephone and in person.

A minimum of 6 months successful experience in equal or similar position.

Material/Equipment Used
Basis hand (hammer, screwdriver, pliers) and power (electric drill, saw, solder) tools. Painting equipment, key cutting machine, grounds keeping equipment and snow removal equipment.
Exposure to hazardous materials on a daily basis.
Indoor exposure to both stable and extreme variance of hot and cold temperatures. Outside exposure to all weather elements and extreme fluctuations of temperature.

To apply, forward cover letter and resume to: